Training: Strength and Conditioning

Find out how the team are training for Race Across America. Strength and conditioning has always been an imporant element in my preparation for most cycling races and events. S&C work helps keep the body strong and robust and helps improve bone density, which is especially important in none-weight-bearing sports like cycling.

I’ve found that S&C work also adds a lovely bit of variety into my training – as they say variety is the spice of life. It’s not all bike, bike, bike.

Here are two of my favouite exercises.

Leg Press

Leg Press is a brilliant and pretty safe exercise to do. The motion is controlled by the machine and because of this it is a brilliant exercise to do to build pure strength. It also really isolates the legs.


The deadlift is a brilliant compound exercise that engages pretty much every muscle in the body. It builds hamstring, quad and glute strength as well as core and back. This can be quite a technical lift and one that should be built up to slowly. It is the exercise that I find has the biggest positive impact on my overall on-bike strength and if I could only do one exercise in the gym it would be deadlifts.

Revolve 24 Test Event

Revolve 24 was probably one the hardest things I’ve done in a long time. Who stays up for 38 hours straight! The answer is no one in their right mind. Now how rides 300 miles and over Everest in a day… again no one in their right mind. The first 6 hours were nice and easy, dare I say the first 12 hours on the bike I felt brilliant. The next 6 hour block was probably one of the worst moments of my life! My brain had turned into mush and I had forgot how to eat food. 3 hours later, I’m being sick and can’t hold down any food and wanting to throw in the towel. 1 hour later, I’ve managed to keep my food down and I’m back on the bike feeling like a new and slightly exhausted man. Revolve 24 taught me a lot about myself, how I manage fatigue and what tired really is. 

We thought we’d give you all a bit of an insight into the horrible and beautiful world of ultra-endurance cycling. 



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How do you want to see us get up Winnats Pass?

Winnats Pass is probably one of the hardest climbs in the UK. I (Tom) have been very close to walking up it on my all singing and all dancing race bike. I also have some not so fond memories of approaching the climb after 5 hours on the bike in 35 degree heat, already cramping, thinking how am I going to do this – James on this occasion absolutely bladdered me up the climb like he does on most climbs in the Peak District. 

If you don’t believe how hard the climb is check out this video! 

So, as a little treat to you we’d like to make this infamous climb even harder and we’re giving you the chance to let us know our fate. 

So how will this work? 

Which ever result comes in first we will do. 

After voting if you could donate to our Just Giving page that would be amazing! None of these options are easy and it WILL hurt.


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How do you want to see us get up Winnats Pass?