How do you want to see us get up Winnats Pass?

Winnats Pass is probably one of the hardest climbs in the UK. I (Tom) have been very close to walking up it on my all singing and all dancing race bike. I also have some not so fond memories of approaching the climb after 5 hours on the bike in 35 degree heat, already cramping, thinking how am I going to do this – James on this occasion absolutely bladdered me up the climb like he does on most climbs in the Peak District. 

If you don’t believe how hard the climb is check out this video! 

So, as a little treat to you we’d like to make this infamous climb even harder and we’re giving you the chance to let us know our fate. 

So how will this work? 

Which ever result comes in first we will do. 

After voting if you could donate to our Just Giving page that would be amazing! None of these options are easy and it WILL hurt.


Be kind! 

How do you want to see us get up Winnats Pass?



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