Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to make my training…

So over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to make my training more ‘interesting’. It’s safe to say I’m going through a bit of rough patch. I’ve been training hard for over a year for one single event and sometimes it can be hard to maintain the same pressure (even for an event as big as RAAM). You do get the occasional day of shit i’ve got to ride my bike across america that jolts you back to reality and usually onto the turbo doing the hardest session you can find on Zwift but trying to maintain this motivation can still be difficult (for me anyway). 

I’ve found that the key to maintaining my focus is by scheduling small training treats as a way to keep my training a bit more interesting. Me and James both did this in the winter by taking on some of our local cyclocross races but I’m now itching for my next, small, adventure. 

I’ve been googling mini Manchester to Lands End – Manchester – I thought, how far can I get in 7 days but then sanity provailed and I realised March may not be the right time to ride over 800 miles unsupported. 

I have since been riding my cyclocross bike equipped with gravel tyres (schwalbe G One) which are absolutely incredible and it has completely changed my view on the versatility of the humble bike. I’m itching for my next gravel adventure which could pass has some solid endurance training before the big one, RAAM. I think I’ve found the perfect event, Dirty Reiver. 200km across gravel tracks and trails in Kielder Forest! What more could you ask for?! If you had told me a few years ago that I’d even consider riding 200km in a day, nevermind for fun and offroad I would have laughed in your face but this is what RAAM has done – you get the itch to go to places you’d never normally go and you want to test your new found ultra-fitness. 

For now, I will be riding my gravel bike more, have as much fun as humanly possible on my bike and, importantly, getting my head down in preparation for June. 

If you’re interested in some crazy gravel riding check out their event page – it looks boss! https://www.dirtyreiver.co.uk/