Nerd Alert: The Results are in

Me and James recently took on some physiological testing with the big one being a Vo2 Max test and our results are finally in!

James’s Vo2 Max Test Results

Click here to download James’ full test results

Tom’s Vo2 Max Test Results

Click here to download Tom’s full test results

So what does all this mean?

The results from testing can help us with our final training push by identifying where our weaknesses lie and how we can improve on these with the support of MIH and in our training. For instance, I should really be doing more work at above threshold to help increase my Vo2 Max.

It can help us identify the right training zones which are especially important for RAAM and any ultra-endurance event. For instance, riding at 180 watts is achievable with minimal stress on our bodies, riding at 210 watts for 3,000 miles however will push us out of our endurance zone.

Ultimately, these are just numbers and it’s important not to get too caught up in them. Could I increase my Vo2 max? Yes, probably. Will it be ever as high as Chris Froome’s? Probably not because he’s probably just naturally better than me.

What’s next?

We get to play in MIH’s environmental chamber which is pretty cool. After having a quick glance over the training programme they have sent through, we are going to be pushed up to a dizzying 3,000 metres in altitude and to a brain-melting 45 degrees. There is one small caveat to going to such extreme temperatures safely and it’s how the team at MIH are going to monitor our core body temperature accurately. James broke the news to me and I can still remember my initial reaction

Did he just say rectal thermometer?

Yes, yes he did.

I’m going to leave you with that thought. Let it sink in.