My date with a physio

Over the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with a few niggles and super tight legs and thought it was about time to see a physio. I normally go and get a quite frankly agonising sports massage with me normally tapping out after whenever they go near the side of my quad. James recommended I go see his Physio, Howard at Wilmslow Physio; I think the words he changed my life were banded about.

Two weeks later I’m sitting on Howard’s treatment table.

After doing a quick assessment of my flexibility and movement I’m back on the table and hear the words

Lets stick some pins in you and see what happens

I should mention that as well as being an MSK physio Howard specialises in sport acupuncture and chiropractory.

The first set of pins go into my calves and hamstrings. The pins are about 4cm in length and they’re put straight into the knots in my legs. They’re slightly painful and oddly satisfying – the sensation is really hard to explain but it’s almost as if my these spots were tingling.

Whilst he’s working on my legs on goes an electrical impulse pad (well that’s I’m calling it because I don’t know the fancy word for it) and my back goes into spasm. In Howard’s words “there’s something there and I want to try and break it down”. Pins in, back machine doing its thing off Howard pops for a coffee leaving me with my own thoughts, mainly about how different this is when compared to traditional sports physio.

He comes back, sticks a pin my back where the machine has been working. He still isn’t satisfied and I’m greeted with the words

I’m just gonna have to smack it then.

A few seconds later he rings me out like a sponge and theres a chorus of cracks. He’s satisfied and I’m baffled. I’ve never had chiropractory before and it doesn’t feel natural. The sensation after is deeply satisfying.

A few more pins in my quads and we are done.

An hour on the table and I’ve gained an extra 20 degrees of movement. I’ve gone from not being able to touch my toes to being able to touch the floor.

The man is a genius.

As an athlete everyone has a Eureka moment when they find something that just works and this was it.

I’m scheduled to see him again in two weeks and I cannot wait.

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  1. Another great blog from Tom. Well done!A really good MSK physiotherapist is worth their weight in gold.

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