Team PBC and the great glass elevator

Tom & James in the desert on the glass elevator recce

One of the first major challenges for Tom and James is the descent into the desert at Borrego Springs on day 1 – just 70 miles or so into the event. Known as the “glass elevator” teams drop 3600 feet in 9.5 miles reaching speeds of over 50mph as the temperature soars to 45 degrees on the desert floor. Coming so early in the race there is a saying amongst racers that while you “wont win RAAM on the glass elevator, you can sure as hell lose it there” as Stefan Schlegel famously nearly found out in 2014 when a puncture sent him hurtling into the guardrail.

Tom and James went out to recce the route yesterday and sent back some truly amazing footage.

California sunshine

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The boys discuss their test ride down the mountain here.

want to hear what a carbon race bike doing 47mph on the flat sounds like?

crank it up

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