1000 miles in 4 days!

Earlier today Tom and James passed this incredible milestone. The crew on the road were suffering from a lack of phone signal, so reports were coming through in fits and starts.

Tom not feeling too clever

Word had come through on Sunday morning that Tom wasn’t feeling too good – the guys had been battering through the desert and hadn’t been putting in as much calories as they were burning off – however, we had only started to worry when this shot came through of him back on the bike

back on the road

As the miles piled up and the tiredness started to take its toll it was quickly apparent that even the humungous truck’s two back seats folded down didn’t give enough room for a knackered cyclist to stretch out, so the crew improvised, with Fi sitting on the folded up front seat like a kid at the Christmas dinner table

I’m sure you’re wearing a seatbelt Fi.

Monday morning broke with the boys still in the desert, grinding out a steady pace as can be seen here from the follow vehicle

Having passed from Arizona into (briefly) Utah

UTAH – blink and you’ll miss it

and Colorado, Tuesday morning broke with some epic shots coming through of monument valley

watch out for roadrunners (and huge great follow vehicles)
meep meep

As Tuesday morning drew on the Rockies could be seen looming in the distance, with both riders pushing on hard towards the major checkpoint at Durango

there they are in the distance – you’re going to ride up to them, then you’re going to ride over them.

early in the evening of Tuesday, word came through that Tom was off the bike again – it turns out he had been fighting off a viral infection for the past few days, which explained his on-and-off illness. Crew doctor Gan prescribed paracetamol and rest. Which left James out on the bike to climb WolfCreek pass…

… Which he did 🙂 AND SOME

one minute you’re climbing in blue skies (and creating EPIC photos by the way)…
…Then this happens

And for those of you who think he must’ve just jumped straight into the follow vehicle like a sensible person – oh no. Not James Harvey.

the man is a machine.

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