Fiona Comley (Support Crew)

I’m Fiona, Tom’s partner, and I’ll be joining the support team having supported both Tom and James as the Prevent Breast Cancer rep on that fateful Italy cycle ‘challenge’ that started this mad idea…

I worked for Prevent Breast Cancer previously as a fundraiser, so I know how many lives will be changed by the £125,000 Tom and James are aiming to raise. I also want to be there to make sure Tom doesn’t do something mad like fall off his bike and patch the wound up with super glue… It wouldn’t be the first time!

I see first hand every day the preparation, hard work and sweat that’s going into this challenge. From having Tom do a tough turbo training session right next to me in our small one bed flat while I’m trying to watch TV, to moving in to our first house and fitting decorating in around the gruelling training schedule, to (sometimes frustratingly) watching him eat his body weight in food and STILL dropping kilos – apparently this isn’t the ideal situation most of us would think it is!

RAAM has taken over both Tom and James’ lives for a year already, and with 6 months still to go it’s only going to get tougher as the event approaches. I’m looking forward to being out there with them, and the rest of the support team, and helping them to absolutely smash this, which I know they will.