Tom Allen (Rider)

Hi, I’m Tom.

I’m from Liverpool, the greatest city on the planet.

I live in Manchester, the greyest city on the planet, and wish that I still lived in Liverpool (not so secretly).

As you’ve probably read Race Across America is one of the toughest bike races on the planet. RAAM will see us cycle over 3,000 miles in just under 8 days, this means that we will have to ride at an average speed of 17mph for 8 days straight to (in my head) finish in a respectable position.

It was my friend James who convinced me to do RAAM, it was this or Everest and I think everyone is happy that I’m not going to turn myself into a human lolly ice. I do keep on hearing lovely stories of ultra-endurance athletes sending themselves blind, which makes me feel much better about the whole challenge.

Day-to-day, I am a Fundraising and Communications Manager for a lovely brain injury charity called BASIC. I have been working in the charity sector for 7 years, I used to work for Prevent Breast Cancer, this is how I came to meet James after sharing a room on a ‘romantic’ ride around France.

My passion for cycling started, like it did for most people, as a child going on adventures with my twin brother. Not much has changed. I first started racing bikes ‘properly’ in my early teens, which helped me get a scholarship onto the world-class development programme at Newcastle University. This was an amazing experience and allowed me to race at a national level and gave me an insight of what it would like to be pro. After university, I continued to race and rode for Northside Pro Cycling, Planet X Pro Cycling and Brother NRG Driverplan Pro Cycling.

So, am I ready for the challenge? I’m currently 18 months away from the race and I’m panic training. I’m a sucker for pain having broken what feels like nearly every bone in my body. I know that doesn’t really answer the question, but I’m really looking forward to challenging myself and pushing my body to its absolute limit.